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BIM software development and consulting for digitization in the construction industry

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ekkodale GmbH specializes in software development for BIM and the corresponding consulting for digitalization in the construction industry. BIM – “Building Information Modeling” describes a method of networked planning, execution and management of buildings and other structures with the help of software. With BIM, the industry is moving toward a collaborative working methodology. Based on digital models of a structure, information and data are recorded and managed continuously and consistently.

Transparent data communication makes many things easier. We support the processes of all project participants in every trade, throughout the entire life cycle of a building. Our custom solutions are diverse, such as for building product manufacturers to provide their BIM data or the conceptual design of a Common Data Model for real estate operators. We have also designed solutions for planners and contractors to simplify their processes when working with their partners.

... Digitization!

ekkodale also develops smaller toolsthat meaningfully digitize manual processes in order to simplify and automate work steps. This speeds up processes and prevents errors from occurring in the first place. The higher the quality of the data across all construction phases, the more successful all parties involved will be. The respective user groups of our solutions receive exactly the BIM information that is required for the use case. This allows everyone to concentrate on their actual profession. We are a member of the Autodesk Developer Network and listed as a Certified System Integrator on Autodesk Forge, the cloud-based development platform, focusing on Application Development, Existing System Integration and Custom Solutions.

Good data is our passion.

Human-AI Collaboration


… digital means:

Together instead of against each other. Always keeping an eye on shared progress.

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… digital means:

No more wasting resources – effective for your projects and for our environment.

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… digital means:

Sharing knowledge, just in time across trades – and beyond the present.

Is your BIM content as good as your product?

Well planned is half won! This is especially true for your next order. Make it easy for project planners to consider your products from the start.

Do you feel like your BIM content needs an upgrade? If you’re looking for your way to good and predictable BIM content, you’ve come to the right place.

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Everything under control - with AIA, BAP and good use cases!

What BIM can do for you? You’ll be implementing use cases in no time. This saves you valuable time and gives you room for other project tasks. We help customize your BIM landscape so that you will feel the difference.

Design to Prefabrication? Yes, you can!

Work faster and build higher with ekkodale tools

Our field-proven tools for manufacturers, designers, and contractors build bridges between openBIM processes such as slotting and breakthrough design, prefabrication, and client information management. With our active work in committees, associations and working groups, our solutions are not only state of the art, but always comply with the current standards for open data exchange.

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leaDE - the central data hub

for the "I" in BIM.

Everyone can see what they need for their work – but only what they are allowed to see.

leaDE answers key questions:

  • What is expected from me?
  • Who contributes?
  • When does that happen?
  • What will be changed?

To protect your data, all processes run in your software landscape on demand.
The APIs and interfaces are based on open source!
… and what can leaDE do for you?

Our partners

Together, sustainable, networked – these are the values that connect us. With experts at our side, we work together on innovative solutions. We achieve the best for building in the present, and in the future, by sharing know-how and expertise. Together, sustainable, networked – these are the values that connect us. With experts at our side, we work together on innovative solutions. We achieve the best for building in the present, and in the future, with the exchange of know-how and expertise.

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Why us?

Want to build a hospital on Alpha Centauri or make a data transfer to the Magellanic Cloud? Let’s talk! We do not promise you the stars from the sky. Instead, you get from us exactly the solution that fits your project.

In doing so, we connect physical space with virtual space, real construction with the digital world.

Our focus:

BIM – your path to collaboration and good data.

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