Our code, our values

They stand for what we want to move through our work
and how we shape togetherness.
That’s what sets us apart.


Even a small change can make a big difference. Line by line, we are working to make the opportunities of the future come true today.


We strive for solutions that will last in the long term. Likewise, we would like to contribute to the protection of the environment with our work.


We digitize sensibly. Our customers and partners are experts who work with a lot of passion and expertise. We support them so that they become even better.

Down to earth

We like to get things done and are not bureaucrats. We are doers, want to move things forward and reach our goal without detours.


Employees, partners and customers – they all have their own goals, wishes and expectations of cooperation. We see people and meet them at eye level and with appreciation.


Every person is unique and has special strengths. Everyone has the freedom to contribute their strengths and develop freely. If mistakes happen, we deal with them openly. This is how we learn together.


Is yesterday’s solution still the better one tomorrow? Being innovative means constantly putting everything to the test, including ourselves.


We make sure that we have a pleasant working environment that keeps us healthy.