Companies need a contact person and also a mouthpiece for their concerns and needs. Committees bundle exactly this with competence and commitment. They also know where there is a need for action and potential for improvement. The development of new standards requires high quality and close cooperation – with forward thinking. This not only strengthens the individual companies, but also ensures sustainability and a common language.


Bundesindustrieverband Technische Gebäudeausrüstung e.V.

The BTGA is one of the most important organizations in the building services engineering sector, with member companies being industrially oriented, plant-manufacturing companies in the building services engineering sector with their own engineering capacities. It supports climate protection goals, and combines innovative strength with engineering expertise. The focus is on supporting member companies and shaping the building energy transition. Members are today’s co-creators and exert influence on technical, social, economic policy and environmental development. Tim Hoffeller has been active in the BIM working group since 2015.

Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V.

The VDI is an active network that places professional practice at the center of its activities. Members come from all disciplines of engineering. As a knowledge broker, the VDI develops normative standards. The goal is to create a better quality of life, a better environment and more prosperity. Our managing director Tim Hoffeller has been appointed to sheet 9 of the guideline series 2552 of the VDI, Association of German Engineers.


Since 2017, manufacturers have been joining forces to improve their digital services and fully exploit the potential of BIM. This manufacturer initiative offers advice on digitizing BIM content to be used across the design to construction and operation of buildings. The focus is on ensuring the practical implementation of digital manufacturer information to advance digital processes for planners, fabricators, product manufacturers and operators. We provide consulting services on classifications, features and product data templates.

buildingSMART e.V.

Anyone involved with BIM is familiar with the buildingSMART initiative. The main task of the association is the further development and standardization of open, i.e. vendor-neutral, information exchange in BIM projects and the definition and standardization of corresponding work processes. The goal is to make the advantages of collaboration based on digital building models (BIM) and open standards (e.g. IFC) and services (e.g. bSDD) available to all stakeholders in the sense of a strategy for the construction industry.