Our partner networks

With our network partners, we exchange know-how and share our knowledge of the most efficient technologies, an essential component of our performance. These networks ensure the quality of our work.

Partner Netzwerke

Forge Systems Integrator

Autodesk Forge Certified Systems Integrator aggregates a group of globally distributed software developers who provide their knowledge to the forge Cloud Platform through proven expertise. As a certified partner, we help companies build Forge-based software integrations and custom cloud-based solutions. We already talked about automation. Access your design and engineering data residing in BIM 360 or other solutions and enrich automated sub-processes. Whether you want to automate processes, connect teams and workflows, or visualize your data – we can do that and more with Forge APIs.

Autodesk Developer Network

This network provides software developers with proven tools and technologies. This expertise helps developers extend Autodesk products and technologies in the areas of design and engineering. We have been part of the Autodesk Developer Network since 2002.

IBPDI - International Building Performance & Data Initiative

IBPDI is developing the first global, industry-wide data and performance standard for real estate – a Common Data Model for the Real Estate Industry. This “single source of truth” provides advanced data-driven insights, enables portfolio performance benchmarking, integrates industry-specific KPIs, and tracks effective deconstruction strategies to protect the environment. We support IBPDI with our expertise.


BIMeta is a platform for managing classes and features for open BIM data exchange – or openBIM. The development of a feature server enables structured and digital data exchange. The platform continues to provide BIM templates for all relevant product data and works towards a common language for a common, digital means of understanding for all stakeholders. We are a development partner from the very beginning.


Speckle is an open source cloud-based solution for the AEC industry. It offers serious interoperability, real-time collaboration, data management, versioning and automation. Speckle’s mission is to make data in the built environment open, accessible, and editable, shaping a better digital future for the built environment.

We use Speckle for our platform leaDE, which is based on it in the backend.


The openBIMbiotop network researches and develops concepts, methods, technologies and applications of building data modeling. A transparent acquisition, structuring, processing, management, analysis, visualization and output of openBIM data should be optimized. They focus on servers, application hardware and software for structural, civil and structural engineering in all trades and the use of BIM-compliant procedures in planning, construction, construction supervision and operation. Always in focus is the Industry 4.0-compliant link to industrial prefabrication and facility management. Together, we are working on digital information and communication management for the design, construction and operation of buildings.