Working with young, innovative and bright minds creates impetus and a dynamic that we as a company want to encourage. We enable a bridge beyond the theoretical content to building in the future. We also support students in their final thesis or give them the opportunity to complete a (compulsory) internship. In lectures and events at universities, we want to inspire and enthuse as guest speakers with exercises from practice in order to jointly ensure a sustainable and digital exchange.


Lucerne University - educates researches inspires

The Department of Engineering & Architecture prepares students in the heart of Switzerland for the everyday professional life of engineers and architects with practical courses of study and an interdisciplinary education. Their presence and drive not only strengthen the Swiss economy, but also form the basis for bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, continuing education, and research and development with application-oriented practical relevance. It has a wide national and international network and is an important and motivated partner to inspire the construction industry. It offers interested parties the unique opportunity to acquire a future-oriented mix of technical, process and digital skills in the fields of architecture, civil engineering or building technology. The newly designed, interdisciplinary “Digital Construction” degree program with the motto: READY TO UNLEARN? is enthusiastically received by the students.

Centre des Ressources des Technologies et de l'Innovation pour le Bâtiment (CRTI-B)

In 2015, the “Resource Center for Building Technologies and Innovation” took the first steps toward developing and implementing a national strategy for “Building Information Modeling.” The BIM working groups in Luxembourg are led by CRTI-B, which – as a neutral platform for the construction industry in Luxembourg – has assembled an expert table consisting of various players in the construction industry. The goal is to form a cross-sector working group between builders, architects, consulting engineers, contractors, craftsmen, scientific researchers and project managers. Like us, CRTI-B’s goal is to create a digital language and simplify and improve productivity for stakeholders in the construction industry.