We are ekkodale

Our highly qualified team of permanent and freelance employees includes colleagues with years of experience and valuable insights, as well as,
as those with fresh input from their studies.

Depending on the project, the appropriate experts are reassembled according to their key qualifications,
to offer innovative solutions from idea generation to execution.
What unites us all is the will to create something new together and in an appreciative way.

Picture of Tim Hoffeller


The creative Head and strategist in the BIM environment. He is passionate about software development, known for his vision of the future and his sense of purpose: “Is this still BIM or can it go away?”
He has a soft spot for building data – but only the high-quality ones and the necessary ones. That’s why, together with our team, he develops individual interfaces that make life easier for those involved. With a lot of patience it introduces the necessary thinking and working strategies in the companies, without which BIM planning processes are impossible. He works with product manufacturers to develop content strategies to enable them to deliver their products easily and cost-effectively. With his knowledge of the market and feasibility, Tim ensures that our team maintains a coherent vision despite the flexible and often fast-paced nature of agile product development. In his spare time, he can be found outdoors playing sports or riding his motorcycle, or indoors on the couch browsing Spotify databases. He finds everything there that rocks, and that sounds anything like Led Zeppelin.

Picture of Jutta Boss


After graduating with a degree in European Business Administration, she embarked on a varied journey through the fields of finance, marketing and human resources. But excursions into social and artistic fields were also on their road map. She could also write a book entitled: “Recht viel Spaß mit Paragraphen!”. However, it prefers to support employees in their individual training and ensures that the company provides good working conditions. In Business Development, she works with colleagues on the future-oriented issues facing our company and how trends, increasing digitalization and globalization are changing the way we build. She keeps an eye on the deadlines, as well as the big picture. In her free time she likes to spend time in the forest or in the water. Singing is also high on her list after work. Not only because the Queen of the Night’s aria supposedly also drives away predators, but because she finds that singing is as good as eating chocolate, only without the calories.

Picture of Wojciech Kusch


Wojciech is an all-rounder who has developed many solutions in the industrial environment, especially in healthcare and insurance, which makes him an expert in databases. His strength is attentive listening. Solutions are then set up in no time at all, using his almost inexhaustible knowledge of new technologies and great open source developments. A strong advocate of modern universal JavaScripts, he provides valuable input in teams, and never loses track between backend and frontend. Wojciech also loves tricky puzzles. On team days, he always has a few of them ready for us. If he ever gets tired of setting up complex system architectures, other great jobs for him would be solo entertainer, magician or superhero.

Picture of Marat Mirgaleev

OWNER CADDEVELOPMENT, software development

Since 2017, we have continuously expanded our cooperation with Marat and his team. Marat has more than 20 years of experience in the software development industry, especially in computer-aided design. With a degree in aerospace mechanical engineering, his professional interests include designing and implementing complex solutions that can combine CAD systems, 3D and VR applications, web services, and databases, as well as adopting the latest best practices in project management for software development. Marat is a full-stack developer who loves lean and agile development and strives for and implements great product design. His ability to think ahead to the end makes him an excellent project manager. In his spare time he plays volleyball. He especially enjoys this sport as a balance when he can do it outdoors.

Picture of Barış Başa


Bariş completed his master’s degree in geoinformatics in Dresden. He implemented a converter between data formats that integrates GIS and BIM in the infrastructure sector. He completed his bachelor’s degree at Istanbul Technical University, Turkey’s oldest and most prestigious university in this field. Meanwhile, he has gained in-depth experience in database technologies, web programming and .NET development. Asked about the strengths of our team, his answer was: “Difficultwe can immediately, Impossible takes a little longer.” His penchant for travel and foreign cultures led him all the way to us. We appreciate his friendly, warm-hearted nature and his constant, very successful striving to expand his professional skills. Because it is important to him to be able to make a difference and improve things, it is natural for him to take on responsibility. Driving exciting projects forward is his passion. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Picture of Barış Gökcan


Born and raised in a city marked by its archaeological and historical heritage, and by wind and sea – Izmir. Although it has developed in a modern way, you can hardly find computers there, which is why Bariş was drawn first to Istanbul and then to Nuremberg for a master’s degree in computational engineering. But he still wears the friendly face of his multicultural hometown, which also has the healing thermal springs in common with Wiesbaden. Among other things, Bariş supports us with its data analysis and extraction capabilities when creating our BIM solutions. The list of his qualifications is far too long to fit into a small space. Nevertheless, his most outstanding quality is his modesty. Asked about his best vacation day, the answer was: sea and sun, beach and beer – and unlimited pizza.

Picture of Maksim Smirnov


Maksim loves the possibilities of software development in all its glory. Before joining Marat’s team (and thus ours), he spent many years fine-tuning the implementation of a complex product covering the entire document processing cycle. At work, he never shies away from a challenge, always finding a solution, even when given little guidance. He digs deep into new areas of knowledge, and has the incentive to always improve and develop. Quick bug fixing is not his greatest pleasure, but when he releases his code, everything runs exactly as it should and in good quality from the start. He tends and cultivates his private garden just as carefully. Here, too, he can look forward to sustained success and good harvests. And ever since he first kicked a ball around a soccer field, he has been a big fan of the eventual 2005 UEFA Cup winners – CSKA Moscow.

Picture of Mark Eskander


After 3 decades in his hometown of Alexandria, he decided to make a drastic change. Mark crossed the Levantine Sea and traded his hectic city life for more peace and quiet in the Rhine-Main area. The term care-taker describes Mark very well. In addition to his development work, he takes care of data security, all administrative work and our many plant friends in the office. His attentive nature contributes to the efficiency of the company and promotes a collegial atmosphere. His favorite phrase, “We can do better,” makes him a valuable member of our team. Sometimes he misses the sea, but otherwise he enjoys all the greenery outside his door and at his workplace.

Picture of Louis Boss


After graduating from A-levels, Louis completed his apprenticeship with us. Now he continues to enrich our team as a finished IT specialist for application development. As a digital native, he is always bringing new ideas to the table and supporting every area of the company. When designing new products, he likes to take the user’s perspective and thus helps us to develop applications that are as frustration-free, easy to learn and intuitive as possible. He gladly takes over the research with different market research methods. It helps us track different user journeys to be on the right track from the beginning. He also finds that a handsome design can make even older products shine in new splendor. In his spare time, he enjoys going to the gym or mountain biking and has a veritable interest in the media world.

Picture of Lukas Klepper


Luke is a tinkerer. True to his motto “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”, he is enthusiastic about merging existing processes and tools into an integrated solution. Much to the delight of his colleagues, whose work is thus made a lot easier. From the beginning, it was important to him to be directly involved in Life projects. Early on he started to realize his own ideas, for example setting up and running his own Minecraft server, in order to expand his IT skills and combine them with his hobby. We captured him with the promise that we would not train him to be either a technical idiot or a couch potato. A perfect day for him starts late, and with a delicious brunch. Because the world belongs to the one who enjoys it.

Picture of Diana S. Leipold


At the Escola Superior de Artes e Design, Diana studied communication design in Porto, Portugal. But that was not enough: in order to get closer to a family project, she decided to take on a second leg, training as a winemaker in the Rheingau. As a wine expert, Diana always ensures a good mood at team events. As a designer, she insists on beautiful UIs, making for lively discussions with the development department. Previously, she was in high demand at many agencies, but now enjoys devoting her time to corporate communications on an ongoing basis with us. In the process, she discovered her passion for BIM with her southern temperament. In her free time, she and her family are passionate about the outdoors, her two Old German Shepherds always by her side. Nature is both a retreat and an adventure for them. And no matter how and where the day ends, a glass of good wine is always there.

Picture of Anita Heist


Initially working in application development and project management for an insurance company, Anita’s path then led her to us. This much is certain: our Orga is in the right hands here. Like a common thread, three words can be found in Anita’s vita: analyze, structure and optimize. Order and concepts for complex tasks make Anita’s heart beat faster. No question goes unasked and no question goes unanswered! (She is really persistent :-)) She creates the organizational framework for the internal knowledge building and sharing of her colleagues, so that everyone is well connected and keeps their finger on the pulse. In her own four walls, she closes the laptop and likes to reach for the tools herself. This is how Anita realizes beautiful construction projects with her family. She also loves to tinker with construction toys with her son.

Picture of Manuel Gerhardt


Manuel cracked the code: he wrote his bachelor thesis at ekkodale as a media informatics student and migrated to become a permanent part of the software development team. What he likes about us is that we are fit in the new technologies and that we attach great importance to further training. In the past he found the profession of a goldsmith exciting, now he forges artistic software, also in programming he attaches importance to clean and good work, pays attention to details, and puts beautiful UIs in the foreground. He is always accompanied by his concentration playlist, which is composed of various film scores. Periodically, he watches the Lord of the Rings trilogy. His favorite character is Gimli. He shares with him a reluctance to run long distances and eat green. Rather, he is a pizza enthusiast. He also likes to do fitness, and afterwards he meets with his friends in a very relaxed way.

Picture of Lily Boss


With a technical diploma in design in her pocket, a voluntary social year showed her that she also takes great pleasure in helping others. This led Lily to study social work with a health focus. On the side, she has completed yoga training, enthusiastically gives classes, and together with her yoginis, tries to overcome gravity. Besides her studies, she helps us with all organizational work and supports the office management.


Eduard has been part of our team since the beginning of 2022. He is studying Applied Computer Science at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden and is currently writing his Master’s thesis on the exciting topic of Virtual Reality. For him, teaching and learning are two sides of the same coin. He tutors mathematics and has served as a tutor in all undergraduate courses. Knowing that there is a considerable amount of coffee behind many successful software developers, its preparation is his first act in the office. In his spare time he devotes himself to the so-called mixed martial arts. Behind it is a training that combines all martial arts, using only the most effective techniques. Since we also work to use only the most successful working methods in the full stack, he is a perfect fit for us.


After his carpentry apprenticeship, Marco worked in production and interior design until he made a courageous decision: to pursue his higher goals and passion for IT, he began training as an IT specialist for application development. As an annual intern, Marco doesn’t make coffee, but brings good input to projects. He already knows that software must constantly adapt and always has “design for change” in mind. In doing so, he never lets himself be discouraged, unflinchingly seeking (and finding) solutions to his tasks. Long bike tours along the Rhine provide the right balance for everyday life. Marco owns a small but fine comic book collection and is a part-time superhero – you’ve never seen him and Spider-Man in the same room at the same time.

Picture of Wolfgang Jurczik


Wolfgang is a man of many talents. He is not only multilingual in the IT world, he also paints beautiful landscape pictures and likes to compose. For him, there are many connections between music, painting and software development. Mathematical, geometric and architectural considerations play a role. By employing and linking these professions, he is able to find creative solutions in programming as well. His biggest project before joining us was visualizing music, which he transposed into visually comprehensible forms using custom audio shaders. Wolfgang supports us in 3D programming, frontend and topics around Forge. Exchange with colleagues is particularly important to him; he is a self-confessed “home-office-only” opponent. His heart also beats for traveling to warm countries, good food and a profound chat in the evening.

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