Are you ready,
to change

Few have done what we do so far.
We are shaking up an industry.
Companies want to work together without barriers,
we build the bridges for them.
In this, we trust our people. Their passion for what they do.
We meet at eye level, take our work into our own hands
and want to constantly develop further.

We are all different.
We love what we do.
Our results motivate us.

You too can help shape the future.

Mann auf einer Rakete

We are on the lookout for new talent!

Have ideas and implement them

Convert bits and bytes into words and communicate cleverly

Our values in word, image and deed

Imaginative lateral thinkers and helpful questioners

Virtuoso combination of the best expertise

Move objects with the power of your mind

Fascinated by new technologies and trends

Working at ekkodale

Our highly qualified team includes colleagues with years of experience and valuable insights, as well as those with fresh input from their studies.

ll are happy to share their knowledge and welcome new colleagues. What unites us all is the will to create something new together and in an appreciative way. We want to support the construction industry and ensure that building becomes more digital and easier, and thus more efficient and resource-saving.

Cooperation of ekkodale

Many good reasons to come to us

Bild mit Sternen

Hire & Fire – not our policy.. Unlimited employment contracts, 30 days of vacation – we focus on long-term cooperation.

Development Team

We treat each other fairly, we work in an agile and transparent manner and bear responsibility not only for our work results, but also for each other. Writing can be done a lot, but we strive to do it every day. A good dose of humor is helpful to us.

French press coffee

We have the best coffee in our office – hot, black and wonderfully fragrant from the French Press. A samovar simmers on cold days – a symbol of comfort and hospitality not only in Russia. Pastries or snacks to go with them can always be found. Small breaks are simply good.

Software developer works in home office

After all, not everyone is an early riser and can sit happily behind a desk at 8:00 in the morning. Either you have appointments yourself, or the children have to be taken to daycare, sometimes you just want to be in the home office. Trust is the magic word that makes work possible without a rigid framework.

Software developer with laptop

Working under palm trees? We live the dream and do not even have to go far for it! Because we have simply brought the palms to us. We share our office with many beautiful plants that are devotedly cared for. In return, they reward us with good air and reduced background noise. This reduces stress and contributes to our well-being. Wonderful.

Team discussion

Depending on the project, we work together in small groups with different compositions. This promotes an intensive internal exchange of knowledge. Everyone benefits from the know-how of the others – again and again.

So we learn every day and are always up to date with proven and also innovative technologies.

Eagle owl sitting on laptop

Each employee has 5 training days per year. Whether hard skills, like a new technology, or soft skills, like voice training, learning is part of our company culture.


We invest commitment and build knowledge in “the” growth market with perspective. The pent-up demand in the construction industry for digitization and the digital standards that will be mandatory in the EU from 2020 will bring a breath of fresh air and, in the long term, real momentum to the topic.

There is a lot to do – perfect.

bungee jumping

Every Friday afternoon we meet at the Schierstein Bridge to experience free fall in the bungee jump … Just Kidding:-)

But our full seriousness is the commitment of Simon Hild, his sign physiotherapist, who comes to us once a week during working hours. He gets our backs back on track, strengthens with fitness bands and tortures us with stretching exercises.

We bravely get through that together, too – that’s what welds us together.


Successful together!

Das sind wir, wenn alle Verantwortung übernehmen. This should also pay off at the end of a successful year.

Our goal is to grow sustainably in the long term. We distribute a significant portion of the company’s profits to employees each year. Because our employees make our success – and that of our customers.

Rolling hamster ball with human

We haven’t yet tried rhino wheeling, night archery, raft building, lawn curling or action painting on team days. So far we’ve just had fun eating good food, playing music, guessing puzzles, and not talking about work. But what is not, can still become. Any idea is welcome and voting is by consensus.

Harmony in the workplace

We have a strong heart and we want to keep it that way. Therefore, we use deskbikesto strengthen it even during work. This is what the height-adjustable desks allow us to do. And – if all else fails – we generate the electricity for our computers ourselves. Tadaaa!