Are you ready,
to change

Karriere rocket

Few have done what we do so far.
We are shaking up an industry.
Companies want to work together without barriers,
we build the bridges for them.
In this, we trust our people. Their passion for what they do.
We meet at eye level, take our work into our own hands
and want to constantly develop further.

We are all different.
We love what we do.
Our results motivate us.

You too can help shape the future.

We are on the lookout for new talent!

Software development

Virtuoso combination of the best expertise

Senior Software Developer

Imaginative co-thinkers and helpful questioners

Junior Software Developer

Fascinated by new technologies and trends


Apprenticeship software development

Always the right tool at hand

Apprenticeship IT Specialist Application Development

Reach the next level

(Mandatory) Internship Software Development

Move objects with the power of your mind

Administration - Marketing - Sales

All the threads come together with you

Apprenticeship as office management assistant

Your entry into communication with bits and bytes

(Mandatory) Internship Sales & Marketing (d/m/w)

Have ideas and implement them

Technical sales

Convert bits and bytes into words and communicate cleverly

Marketing and sales

Our values in word, image and deed

Corporate Communications

Have everything on screen

Organization and sales assistance 

Working at ekkodale

Our highly qualified team includes colleagues with years of experience and valuable insights, as well as those with fresh input from their studies.

ll are happy to share their knowledge and welcome new colleagues. What unites us all is the will to create something new together and in an appreciative way. We want to support the construction industry and ensure that building becomes more digital and easier, and thus more efficient and resource-saving.

Karriere Team

Why you should join us!