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BIMeta - All about collaboration

To understand why we need BIMeta, you first have to understand how the current process works. Due to the many players within the construction process, there are now extremely many file formats, all of which reflect different functions within the overall concept. If there are now requirements which have to be delivered in a specific file format for a specific customer, chaos can result. Manual transfer of meta information of affected components can lead to errors and jeopardize the successful completion of the project.

To put it briefly:

Doing everything on your own doesn’t always have its advantages.

One solution is BIMeta.

So how can collaboration unravel such a complicated construct and reconnect the ends?

Simply put, BIMeta is an open property server. So after quality check all existing classifications can be captured and mapped. Mapping” is a binding of two previously independent data structures, which now communicate and understand each other.

To begin with, BIMeta provides a large number of meta defaults for all products. These are without logic and have no relation to each other. If you now create a “mapping” to the data format 3805 of the VDI, the feature server learns its structure and can use it in the future. In the next step, another user maps the IFC file format of the buildingSMART against it and BIMeta learns another language again.

Thus, not only BIMeta and 3805 / IFC understand each other, but also 3805 and IFC understand each other. The data is thus transparent and easy to standardize.

BIMeta therefore learns exponentially as more file formats are added through the mappings.

If you would like to have a more detailed description, read the article of the CCI – OPEN BIM IN CONSTRUCTION – BIMETA OPENS NEW OPPORTUNITIES

BIMeta is not another complicated file format, but deals with the simplified transfer between them, trying to get transparency in the process of mappings.

So instead of building its own structure through Excel, as is often the case, only to get caught in a vicious circle with internal linking, project structure and other problems, BIMeta, takes all this work off and lets the players formulate their explicit expert knowledge and put it into a large context.

BIMeta should enable companies to realize openBIM projects and establish them as a standard!

What role does ekkodale have

What role does the ekkodale GmbH play in all this? As software developers we take care of the development part of this project. We program the user interface, the algorithm for mapping and the database.

We therefore enable the smooth running of the standardization process in the BIM environment through software.

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