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Customer Success Story - Frenger Systemen BV Heiz und Kühltechnik GmbH - Frenger BIM configurator in conjunction with Autodesk Forge technology

At FRENGER SYSTEMEN BV, a manufacturer of radiant ceiling heating and cooling systems, customer orientation is a top priority. For many years, the company has had its own research, production and assembly facilities to ensure reliable and flexible organisation and coordination of customer projects.

Continuous improvement is the essential goal. Precisely because its products are extremely sophisticated solutions, the FRENGER team works to deliver all the necessary steps out of one hand, and to constantly improve the services around its products.

In order to now come a big step closer to this goal, ekkodale GmbH has developed a configurator as a web application. This enables customers (primarily planners) to insert their requirements, such as flow temperature, room temperature, required cooling and heating capacities for the rooms, via the application. Then all calculations are checked and carried out according to this information. The configurator automatically determines the suitable solution from the product range. At the one click of a button, BIM content is generated from the selected products in form of Revit families, which can be quickly and easily placed in the model.

As a result of rule-based generation of the BIM components, it is ensured that only feasible variants are generated. By using Autodesk Forge® for design automation, this process is speeded up significantly. This approach is available 24/7 at any time.

FRENGER thus saves time and its own resources, and has optimised its service from planning to production and on-site assembly. The customer receives a high level of planning security through the use of current technologies with innovative developments from ekkodale GmbH.

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