BIMeta in the cci!

BIMeta together with ekkodale in cci

cci newspaper, the leading trade journal for the ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration industry for over 50 years, stands not only for up-to-date and independent information, but also for the communication of opinions and background information.

It currently reports on the “BIMeta” initiative in a technical article. The article “Open BIM in the construction industry – BIMeta opens up new possibilities” explains the contents, goals and applications in detail.

This Characteristics-Server is prepared by a steering committee at the association level, under the leadership of the BTGA. The system combines existing BIM standards and maps them in a common meta-language to form the basis for open BIM systems and collusion-free data exchange in the construction and building services industry. We are an active supporting member of the initiative to improve data exchange in the construction industry.

Further information on BIMeta can be found at

By the way: The cci magazine informs 14 times a year about all important topics of the ventilation and air-conditioning industry.

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