First Advent 2020 – What is reveal.js?

1. Advent 2020 Artwork

Present code in an appealing way

You want to present content like source code?

When you think about how best to create a presentation, several options probably come to mind. Good work should also be presented in an appealing way. If you’re like me, you want a practical tool with endless possibilities that’s also easy to use.

It is even more exciting for the viewer if he can also become active. Of course, it is in the author’s mind if the viewer can access and watch the presentation anywhere without installing any program on his computer. Due to the mentioned criteria of the presentation possibilities, many solutions already fall through the cracks. But one application meets all the requirements: reveal.js.

Was ist reveal.js?

reveal.js is a presentation framework based on HTML and open web technologies. Want to bang out a new presentation for a client? reveal.js offers you a wide range of functions and possibilities for this purpose. Impressive presentations can be created with HTML, JavaScript and numerous plugins.

The big advantage is that the customer can view them in the browser – so he doesn’t feed his own hard drive with superfluous software ballast. The Internet is full of numerous examples of presentations that have been set up using this framework.

JavaScript and HTML are bohemian villages for you? Then it’s worth taking a look at the alternative, which you can also use without using source code. However, you have to pay a monthly fee to use the service.

What presentation would we like to create as part of this mini-article series?

Although the planned presentation is simple, it shows different ways you can work with reveal.js.

Together we will create a presentation that will introduce the audience to the most important commands for using Docker and briefly explain each command. The commands should be immediately recognizable as such, so that the viewer quickly grasps that it is source code. Sometimes it may be useful to highlight a part of the command to discuss it separately. For this case, it is clear to which part of the command the respective declaration refers.

We design the background of the slides uniformly and provide it with a logo. A few details finally round off the presentation.

Now that all the essentials are settled, let’s not waste time – let’s get started! In the second part of this series, we will set up reveal.js and put together the framework for our presentation.

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