Webcast series leaDE – Information logistics in the construction industry

Building: together, digitally, coordinated / information flow between stakeholders

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling or Building Information Management? BIM is much more than 3D. Information is at the heart of digital construction, and the management of this information determines the profitability of the construction process. The clear separation of geometry and information brings clarity and efficiency to the process. But what does this mean if you want to implement effective information management in BIM projects? Does the information belong in the BIM model? How do we map guidelines and requirements? How do we enable democratic access to the information pool? How can we incorporate necessary information at the necessary time in a controlled manner? Allow each stakeholder access to feed in and provide their information?

In the webcast series we present the ideas and possibilities of our solution leaDE. Beginning on 2/24/2022 with a general overview, we will gradually delve into the application possibilities as part of the series. Stay tuned!

– 24.02.2022 – Building: together, digital, coordinated / leaDE general presentation
– 03.03.2022 – Information flow between stakeholders
– 10.03.2022 – Policies and guidelines

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Recording 1. Session 24.02.2022

Building: together, digitally, coordinated

Recording 2. Session 03.03.2022

On 03.03.22 it went at 17:00 clock with an overview from the user’s point of view. We show how individual tasks are implemented in leaDE with Revit, working in the viewer, rights management and a practical example and how easy it is to manage the information. So this session is for the practitioners and those who would like to see live and in color how everyone can save time and nerves.

Recording 3. Session 10.03.2022

Guidelines, what is that exactly? Where can I get them? What can I do if they are only available in paper form? Why do I need it and why does leaDE rely on it?

The guidelines form the basis for our leaDE. You determine which properties are available on which component. Which values are allowed in selection lists? The roles and rights view is based on this. Who is allowed to see or edit what and when? In short, they are the primordial soup that holds the information model together!

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