ekkoCAVE – work in progress

Revit/Speckle/Unity - CAVE - ekkodale GmbH

Construction meetings and presentations of a model are often still done on paper or on the model in software like Navisworks. Since we have been dealing with Speckle for some time, we tried to find out in a POC how far we can get with a CAVE solution 😉 What is a CAVE? This is what Wikipedia says about it:


In a nutshell: Imagine a room whose walls serve as projection surfaces. The model is simultaneously “split” between these projection surfaces. The simulation creates the feeling that you are standing in the model. And that’s without VR headsets, AR glasses, etc. So this technology is ideal if you want to hold meetings and presentation with a larger audience.

The technology is not new, but has been extremely expensive and difficult to populate with model information. The setup times were costly, thus only feasible for universities and large companies.

This is where Speckle comes in! Digital collaboration allows the modeler to update their model while our CAVE waits for changes. Combined with the possibilities of Unity, we tried how far we could get. Since we don’t have a completely empty room, we had to use 3 monitors for the time being. The output can of course be transferred to any environment.

But, see for yourself how our current POC looks 😉

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