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Create BIM content that is as good as your product

As a manufacturer, you want to be able to control the production cycle of your BIM content yourself. In addition, you want your products to be BIM-capable, up to date and in the desired language in the local market assortments. Your products digitally as BIM content: manage centrally, update automatically, retain data sovereignty, publish on your website or portals - always up-to-date thanks to our BIMcCM.

In order for you as a manufacturer to be optimally prepared for collaboration in BIM with planners, executors and operators, it is important to consider various points.


Plannable and sustainable BIM content with BIMcCM

Connect your PIM

Your product information is usually in the PIM system. This is where the daily changes take place. So it is all the more important to use this source for the targeted creation of your BIM content. Of course, your ERP, e.g. SAP or Excel can also be used as a data source.


Through automation, you regularly provide new versions of a component. But how does it get into the user's BIM project? What are the options for pointing out obsolete components in the project?


Thanks to our many years of active involvement in committees, we are familiar with the relevant standards relating to BIM. We incorporate this knowledge into modeling guidelines, the provision of ProductDataTemplates and interfaces.


When does the product reference enter the model? At least for public-sector builders, it is important to plan product-neutrally at the beginning. We make your product available to the planner in this scenario as well.


Sicherlich, Sie stellen ein wunderbares Produkt her, auf das Sie mit Recht stolz sind. Doch möchte es der Planer im hohen grafischen Darstellungsgrad im Modell nutzen? Wie skaliert Ihr Content in größeren BIM-Projekten? Fragen, die Sie sich stellen sollten.

Parameter standard

International and regional standards for parameter naming exist. If you want to achieve user acceptance, such specifications up to project-specific AIA and BAP guidelines should be observed.

Product logic

Your product is not orderable via articles and a catalog, but the result of a configuration? Then the design know-how should not be part of the delivered content, right? We always protect your expertise.

Own addin

Do you need further functionalities in addition to the content in the target system to support the planner further? We have the expertise to develop appropriate extensions in the common BIM systems up to cloud solutions such as Autodesk Forge.


Do you want to provide the content in one of the industry portals? Or is your focus on your own web presence? Or do you want to offer both? We support you with the appropriate software tools so that you can publish your content easily and well where you want.

VDI 3805

Specifically for product manufacturers from the building services sector, VDI 3805 is a common format in the DACH market. We support you with suitable solutions to create this complex format automatically. This creates independence and response time.

BIM convincing Content for Manufacturer

We develop plannable and sustainable BIM content that can be used from start to finish and whose production chain can be self-controlled.