leaDE - takes care of the "I" in BIM

Information is the linchpin for any construction project. They are needed in planning, in the construction process, in the production and assembly of components and building technology as well as in maintenance and repair. At the same time, they are still not as readily available today as they could be.

Manual processes of data retrieval and consolidation still determine the daily work of many people in the construction environment. In addition to being time consuming, there is no guarantee that information will still be current next month, next week, or even the next day.

That’s why we developed leaDE with the aim of ensuring end-to-end digital collaboration between all construction stakeholders.

leaDE revolutionizes information management in the construction industry

Our platform leaDE treats model and information separately. We thus offer a central team environment for information management in BIM projects, from which all construction participants benefit:

  • Human errors in data entry are prevented because requirements for information are precisely defined.
  • The data is always valid and up-to-date, because everyone involved in the project contributes to it. Invite externals to join your team to feed information directly into the project.
  • Detailed visibility into all phases of construction makes building more efficient, more controlled, and reduces costly delays through better information flow.
  • Sophisticated user management ensures secure implementation of EIR and BEP requirements. Roles are assigned to receive the necessary information to plan the next step.

This brings all the trades closer together. There are no more data silos and duplicates. Everyone works centrally on the same information model. And all this without having to be a BIM software specialist!

All project participants benefit from a controlled flow of information, whether BIM modeler, specialist engineer, logistician, manufacturer, installer or client.

Data management as it should be for...

Load models from Revit into leaDE

The Speckle Revit Connector makes it easy to import a complete building into leaDE. A filter sets which view to work with in leaDE.

Edit EIR properties

The actual work with leaDE begins in the Viewer. Here the parameters of individual components can be edited according to access authorization and usecase. The pre-uploaded AIAs ensure typo-free entry of values and maximum efficiency in the course of the project.

leaDE Viewer

Autodesk Forge Viewer stands for best performance and functionality. It contains a number of useful functions that make daily work easier. Dividing the model into several planes, determining angles and distances or viewing the building yourself in first-person view are just some of the many options and functions provided by this viewer.

EIR Rights Management

The roles, use cases and service phases set up in the project structure can be assigned specific rights here down to the smallest parameter. For example, the owner of the project should be assigned reading rights in all use cases and service phases. The owner himself can read all parameters, but cannot edit or change them. This role is assigned e.g. to an architect or MEP planner.

to use...

Visualize information for individual use cases via 3D viewer as well as the table view per part type. In this way, a digital model of the planned building is created, to which all information on the components is linked in order to construct the structure, operate it, and deconstruct it or reuse materials at the end of the product life cycle.

leaDE is based on Speckle and its APIs. Thus, all data collected by leaDE is 100% available in Speckle and can be further used in this system.

Find out why we trust in Speckle here.

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Find out, how leaDE revolutionizes your data management!

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You have as a builder,
BIM manager, property owner or
project controller the certainty,
that your project with leaDE
safe and efficient

Best for: Building owners

With leaDE, you manage and edit information in a centralized manner, thus ensuring auditable and reliable data management. From now on, you work with valid and standardized data.

Building elements
Assign properties
and at the same time
make sure that they
have the right values.

Best for: Planners

Planners, architects or engineers work on a central information pool! Everyone involved in planning can incorporate their knowledge directly without having to export and import data all day long. It is always worked with the specifications of EIR and BEP. Subsequent checking and error correction is no longer necessary. In this way, external experts can also make their contribution without creating additional work internally.

For the optimal implementation
on the construction site.

Information digital before
Retrieve location.

Best for: Executor

The provision of the required data for prefabrication or on the construction site takes place almost exclusively by paper plan. With leaDE, everything is provided and managed digitally. All can access the same data with an Internet connection. Whether looking up information on an element in the model, reading up on technical information or calling up documentation, e.g. assembly instructions. All possible with leaDE’s collaborative approach.

leaDE manages all
Information for a
efficient operation.

Best for: Asset Manager

A property consists not only of a 3D model, but to a large extent of meta information, product data, data sheets and documents. This treasure trove of information must be nurtured and cared for in order to enable forward-looking management. Up to the demolition and deconstruction. leaDE is an extensible system, and can be integrated into your existing IT landscape. In this way, the data obtained can continue to flow without seeping into the next silo.

The data is yours!

Own hosting!

Open API!

leaDE & Speckle
Why we trust in Speckle

Visualize information for individual use cases via
3D viewer as well as the table view per part type. This is how
a digital model of the planned building, with which all the
information is linked to the components in order to
and operate them at the end of the product life cycle.
deconstruct or reuse materials.

leaDE is based on Speckle and its APIs. Thus all
Data captured by leaDE 100% ready in Speckle
and can be further used in this system.

Find out why we trust in Speckle here.