leaDE Live Demo

The best way to convince yourself of a system is to simply try it out.
For this purpose, we have specially provided a demo environment of leaDE, which comes with all the functionalities. Play and experiment a little with the functions and see for yourself!

Step by step guide

To help you understand exactly how all the functions and processes work, we have prepared a step-by-step guide for you in the further course of the page, so that you can keep an overview. We recommend that you read through these before starting the demo.

1. how do I start?

To be able to test leaDE we have created 3 different actors in one project.

  1. Architect
  2. Structural engineer
  3. Owner

Each of these roles has its own access to leaDE. This division of roles makes it possible to assign different authorizations and UseCases to exactly these roles. For example, the builder is only able to read the architect’s values, but not to modify them. Each permission can be customized on our trial version down to the smallest parameter, ensuring maximum control and security.

Karriere Team

2. how can I log in?

After you have loaded on the leaDE start screen, you have the option to log in on the top right. The three roles have the following login information:

  1. Architect
    1. Username: architect@ekkodale.com
    2. Password: 239472734csuiffu29346

  2. Structural engineer
    1. Username: structuralengineer@ekkodale.com
    2. Password: 203472304JBHBHDGZA

  3. Owner
    1. Username: Owner@ekkodale.com
    2. Password: 98WW234bnvbw32cvb

After that you will be redirected to the Speckle server. If you want to go back to the leaDE start screen, select the link above again and log in.

3. how to work with the viewer?

We use the Autodesk Forge Viewer. This enables many functions already from scratch. Simply select the “Start Viewer” button, expand the project structure, select a UseCase and finally the appropriate stream from Speckle. It is now possible with the viewer to select part components and adjust the parameters (AIA) supplied with the directive and manage visibilities.

4. outlook

Of course, this demo version only scratches the surface of the features that leaDE brings with it.
From dashboards, reporting, mapping and updating BIM models, administration, versioning to rights and team management, leaDE is packed with useful features.

Are you interested in using leaDE? Then get in touch with us!

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