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the digital construction industry

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Many millions of decisions must be made throughout the life cycle of a building: Space distribution, fire protection, circulation, enclosure, environmental control, security.

All those involved in construction use their centuries-old knowledge of building, and especially the new knowledge that is being added every day, to make their best possible contribution to it. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if computers could make supporting decisions based on standardized data?

Architects, engineers, real estate developers, contractors and manufacturers are thus given the freedom to concentrate on their actual profession.

We help you formulate rules and automate routine tasks.
We create solutions with you and for you that make your daily work and cooperation with others easier.

Custom software development and consulting for...

Building products manufacturer (BIMcCM)

We have been working with building product manufacturers for many years to develop sustainable strategies for creating predictable and sustainable BIM content. So that you become independent of external service providers, do not provide incomplete market assortments and outdated BIM data. Based on participation in committees and associations and a solid development foundation, solutions are created that enable you as a manufacturer to act confidently in the BIM world.

Building owners, planners, executors, operators

The demands on planners and subsequent trades increase with the implementation of BIM and require the smooth implementation of specifications and guidelines. We build the bridges with custom software, connecting existing data pots and loose ends. Thus, you can implement your BIM use cases quickly, cost-efficiently & resource-saving and have valid and sustainable data.


Agile planning and work


With agile development, readjustments can be made at any time as new insights become apparent. Nor do we hold on to decisions when better and more sustainable solutions become clear as the project progresses. Shorter development cycles bring early and continuous value creation and more valuable products.

In agile projects, someone wears the hat when it comes to the requirements in the project. The product owner builds the bridge between the stakeholders and the developers. He speaks the language of nerds and is technologically fit. Likewise, he knows the requirements of the customer and those of the market and can classify them. This is where we step in with our industry knowledge, in close coordination with the customer.


We want to create solutions that make users’ daily work easier. This includes automating dull and mindless work that a computer can do better. People gain time to become creative, can expand their expertise and develop new ideas.

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Developing is one thing, ensuring runnability is another. CI/CD introduces ongoing automation and continuous monitoring throughout the application lifecycle, from integration and testing through delivery and deployment. This allows us to speed up the feedback loops with the customer and focus on the development and testing of the software. This allows our team to work quickly while maintaining high quality standards that are automatically checked. We can also support your business with software that is ideally suited for more efficient modernization of existing applications and development of new ones.


Don’t reinvent the wheel. This is a maxim that we maintain on a daily basis. We always prefer to integrate innovative tools into existing processes. This means that before we develop any new software, we carefully research whether there are already proven systems that we can build on. In IT, something is very often reinvented because it can supposedly be “done better”. However, we think that solutions that have been tested and approved by thousands of developers are more stable and predictable. For this reason, we like to use open source when the licensing model allows it. Especially with new digital technologies, trying things out and experiencing them play a major role. We always link a systematic potential analysis with getting to know them.

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Cloud or own environment, we juggle both worlds. Use what makes sense in the project and for the customer. May the data not see the light of day as you are redesigning Fort Knox? Then we take care of secure, internal data storage. Do you want to collaborate as much as possible? Then a secure cloud service on a solid platform will make sense.


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The digital future is happening now and will intensify. Are you already looking at digital solutions to keep your business fit for the future? The potential for SMEs from new technologies, big data, AI & Co. is not limited to the development of new smart products. Rather, they provide significant benefits to your business. We work with you to develop concrete options for innovating existing processes and tapping fresh market potential. You get a clear idea of the real added value New Technology has for your business. Its introduction is also a social process: employees must be convinced of the need for change and equipped with know-how. A large percentage of your future revenue depends on the responsiveness, scalability and resilience of your IT infrastructure. Let’s start with the roadmap for your digital transformation.


Augmented Reality – The virtual world is transferred into the real one. Makes sense with …

  • the presentation of objects that fit into real environments such as furniture or machines
  • specific instructions on work steps for fitters, service technicians and maintenance teams by displaying them on the real object
  • technical problem solving by drawing markers on the real object
  • Work with different colleagues on a 3D model that is virtually on a table.

Virtual Reality – Every real step is transferred 1:1 into the virtual world. Caution: There are still real walls you can run into! Makes sense with …

  • the presentation of objects that are too large to carry, such as construction machinery, or are still in the planning stage, such as houses
  • Planning or construction of halls, buildings or machines that should be able to be viewed or tested virtually in advance in order to minimize errors
  • Plant operations or disaster drills. Hand movements can be practiced in scenarios where errors are very expensive or training is difficult to achieve
  • Meetings over distant distances that need more interaction.

It’s easier than you think. Whatever reality you want to implement your use cases in, we have real-world experience with it.

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In the next few years, a majority of businesses will use digital platforms and ecosystem capabilities. We use Speckle and Forge as collaboration platforms, equipped with great automation and visualization capabilities. With these solutions, it is possible to optimally adapt one’s own value chains to new markets and industries.