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BIM Software Development and Consulting for Digitalization in the Construction Industry

Custom softwaredevelopment and consulting for...

Building products manufacturer (BIMcCM)

We have been working with building product manufacturers for many years to develop sustainable strategies for creating predictable and sustainable BIM content. To make you independent of external service providers, not provide incomplete market assortments and outdated BIM data. Based on the cooperation in committees and associations and a solid development foundation, solutions are created that enable you as a manufacturer to act independently in the BIM world.

Building owners, planners, executors, operators

The demands on planners and subsequent trades increase with the implementation of BIM and require the smooth implementation of specifications and guidelines. We build the bridges with custom software, connecting existing data pots and loose ends. Thus, you can implement your BIM use cases quickly, cost-efficiently & resource-saving and ensure clean and sustainable data.

Our way of working

Icon Agile

Our projects are usually complex and difficult to estimate in advance. Which is why we are advocates of an agile approach. This means that readjustments can be made at any time if new findings become apparent. Lean, because we don’t hold on to decisions when better and more sustainable solutions become clear as the project progresses. Shorter development cycles bring early and continuous value creation and more valuable products.

Automate icon

We want to create solutions that make users’ daily work easier. This includes automating dull and mindless work that a computer can do better. People gain time to become creative, can expand their expertise and develop new ideas.

Icon CI CD

Developing is one thing, ensuring runnability is another. From unit testing to continuous integration / continuous deployment, we have the technologies and the experience, based on real projects, ready for you in the drawer!

Our technology drawer

Icon Consistency

Don’t reinvent the wheel. This is a maxim that we maintain on a daily basis. In IT, something is very often reinvented because it can be “done better”. However, we think that solutions that have been tested and approved by thousands of developers are more stable and predictable. For this reason, we like to use open source when the licensing model allows it.

Icon Technologies

Microservices, Swagger, GraphQL, Git, Docker… We implement the technologies behind them every day. It depends on the project and its requirements how far we pull open the technology drawer.

Icon POwner

In SCRUM, an agile model, someone is in charge of the requirements in the project. The product owner should also bridge the gap between stakeholders and developers. He must speak the language of nerds and be technologically fit. Likewise, he should know and classify the requirements of the customer and those of the market. This is where we step in with our industry knowledge. Of course, always in close coordination with the customer.

Data sovereignty icon

Cloud or own environment, we juggle both worlds. Use what makes sense in the project and for the customer. May the data not see the light of day as you are redesigning Fort Knox? Then we take care of secure, internal data storage. Do you want to collaborate as much as possible? Then a secure cloud service on a solid platform will make sense.

Icon Web3D

The Internet becomes three-dimensional! 3dimensionally, correlations can be explained better. We use the associated technologies in customer projects on a daily basis.

Icon VR AR

Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality? Whatever reality you want to implement your use cases in, we have real-world experience with it.

Autodesk AutoCAD Logo

Add-ons for the No.1 CAD program.

The world’s largest repository of digital drawings is in AutoCAD DWG format. There are APIs (programming interfaces) for all derivatives of this CAD program. We have been developing add-ons and extensions for AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD MEP for many years. From the CAFM interface to the connection of plasma cutters, there has already been quite a bit.

Autodesk Revit Logo

Plugins for BIM

Autodesk Revit has two key advantages. On the one hand, it is used worldwide and, according to various surveys, is the No.1 BIM software. On the other hand, Revit has a programming interface, a so-called API. This allows us to develop targeted functions for users and manufacturers that integrate seamlessly into the BIM model.

Autodesk Forge Logo

We already talked about automation.

This is where Autodesk’s Forge network gets better and better. As Forge Certified Systems Integrator we have dealt with the manifold possibilities and the diverse programming interfaces in several projects. If there is nothing suitable for your requirement, we can tell you if it can be implemented in Forge.