Our vision The path to sustainable and plannable BIM content

The challenges of manufacturers
We cannot speak of “one” BIM content across the board, because not all BIM content is the same – no two components are the same. Many products are not represented in a BIM model because they are based on calculations or must first be configured. Of course, there is the possibility to include/group all your product know-how e.g. in a Revit family, but do you want to provide/free of charge? Is the user free to decide which dimensions to choose? Or does a design software determine the frame?

For this reason, we have designed a workshop that covers exactly these topics…

Step 1: Inventory

A joint inventory helps us to identify which BIM data are available and which are still needed!

Step 2: Pre-Content Creation

What do you want your BIM content to look like? Are there modeling guidelines, classifications, or parameter standards? And what about LOI and LOG? Together we will find answers to these questions.

Schritt 3: Erstellung von Inhalten

We analyze your PLM or PIM system to develop a possible process towards sustainable and plannable BIM content. This may include localization, market assortment, and definition of product features and output formats.

Schritt 4: Bereitstellung von Inhalten

Which distribution channels do you need to serve with your BIM content? Portals, own websites, own BIM plug-in, third-party software or calculation programs?

Step 5: Additional services

We are happy to support you in the process of adaptation and ask the uncomfortable but important questions in the right places. So you don’t get lost in the digital future.

A joint inventory helps us to identify which BIM data are available and which are still needed!

Do you have any further questions?

We are also happy to offer our workshop online and/or in multiple blocks. We not only advise you in the context of an implementation, but also take a critical look at your current strategy together with you. Get in touch with us!