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Software solutions for the construction industry

Where standard solutions stop, we start!

Whether architecture, building technology, engineering, plant construction or infrastructure – you have one thing in common, planning work and BIM processes.

Are you only getting so far with standard Autodesk® Revit® or AutoCAD® solutions? With our tools, we enable you to have an end-to-end solutionso that you can perform time-saving and error-free planning work.

Our field-proven tools for designers, contractors and operators build bridges between openBIM processes such as slotting and breakthrough design, prefabrication as well as the management of client information (AIA).

Implement and integrate BIM processes easily!
Integrate the right tool at the right time to simplify your BIM process from design to operations. This way, you can rely on up-to-date and trustworthy data.

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Our tools

ekkodale Revit Suite

You would like to extend your Revit software specifically to optimize the efficiency of your work processes in planning, execution or operation? Here we show you which ekkodale tools you can use to achieve these goals.

Descriptions of the new features can be found in the release notes.

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Implement AIA and BAP parameter specifications and client guidelines easily and safely in the Revit project.


OpenBIM slot and breakthrough planning fast, easy and comprehensible, also based on IFC!


Transfer piping and air ducts for prefabrication from the BIM model, calculate VOB-compliant quantities, and perform formula-based parameter calculations.

Free MEP-Utils

Useful functions for positioning, creating shot lengths and transitions for air ducts.

ekkodale AutoCAD Suite

Extend AutoCAD, AutoCAD Architecture and AutoCAD MEP with our prefabrication and data import/export tools. CAFM tasks also become quite simple with the tools.

Descriptions of the new features can be found in our release notes.

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Import Excel data into property information in AutoCAD Architecture and MEP.

eKlimax Interface

AutoCAD MEP ventilation components are transferred for prefabrication and production.


The CAFM tools support the CAFM compliant transfer of AutoCAD Architecture and MEP drawings. Smart parts can be transformed as blocks with attributes based on information from property sets.
FAQ Tools

Here you can find our current price list and other important information about the use cases of our solutions and tools.

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