Tutorial AIA.Editor in Revit

Here you can find documentation, tutorials and introduction videos for the Revit AIA.Editor

AIA.Editor Introduction

Do you work with Autodesk Revit in BIM projects? Wonderful! You are now supposed to implement specifications of the builder from AIA and the adopted BAP in the model? OK, this is going to be difficult with Revit on-board tools. Exactly for this use case we have developed the AIA.Editor! With this module, you can map the requirements correctly, while you can concentrate on your actual work, the planning.

AIA.Editor settings

How do I configure the policy to be implemented in my Revit BIM model (AIA) in AIA.Editor? This video provides the answer to the AIA.Editor of ekkodale GmbH.

AIA.Editor Implementation

How exactly could your daily work with AIA.Editor look like. This includes applying guidelines, loading new builder specifications, editing parameters in Revit and maintaining them properly!

AIA.Guideliner Tutorial

It is a complex issue to implement guidelines and BIM specifications in your own BIM model. Since the specifications rarely correspond to the company’s own model structure, a lot of additional work quickly results. Exactly to eliminate this chaos, we have developed the AIA.Guideliner, which is part of the AIA.Editor. With this it is possible to create your own AIAs, adapt existing ones or edit them to fit your own model structures. Try AIA.Editor for free to convince yourself of its functionality.