Easy transfer of data for air duct production


Save errors and time when transferring models for air duct production

Export of air duct networks from Autodesk AutoCAD MEP for air duct production / ordering in e-klimaX + winklimaX

AutoCAD MEP supports you in creating air duct networks and also offers functions for DIN-compliant evaluation (parts list). However, you cannot transfer channel networks to manufacturing software. With our addon we offer the possibility to transfer your air duct data to the program e-klimaX / winklimaX of the company MEZ-TECHNIK GmbH.

Our addon AME.eKlimax for AutoCAD MEP creates a transfer file, with the help of which you can read the duct network data into the ordering software e-klimaX or the manufacturing software winklimaX. The air duct network drawn in AutoCAD MEP serves as the basis for the transfer.

The molded parts to be transferred can be selected individually in AutoCAD MEP. Exported are the moldings that are listed in a mapping file. The delivered mapping file contains the DIN 18379 / VOB compatible components in the Autodesk MEP catalogs. If you have created your own components or use third-party catalogs, you can assign these components in a separate mapping.

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Your advantages

Enormous time saving

  • No transmission errors due to manual data entry
  • Ordering security

Adaptable to own MEP catalogs / additional libraries via mapping

Transfer of the building structure (building / level / room) per component

  • Each component is described with the location / building information
  • On the construction site, each component can be precisely assigned to the installation location. This means that no more components disappear on the wrong floor.
  • You save the re-ordering of missing components

Status tracking: You can see at a glance: Is the part already exported / ordered / delivered / assembled / pressure tested / invoiced

– Visualization in the model possible


Exported are the moldings that are listed in a mapping file. The delivered mapping file contains the DIN 18379 / VOB compatible components in the Autodesk MEP catalogs. If you have created your own components or use third-party catalogs, you can assign these components in a separate mapping

Exported are the moldings that are listed in a mapping file. The delivered mapping file contains the DIN 18379 / VOB compatible components in the Autodesk MEP catalogs. If you have created your own components or use third-party catalogs, you can assign these components in a separate mapping. The output files are formatted as XML. The XML export also includes the building, floor and room assignment, if working with the project navigator.

For export we need some additional information. These are attached per property set in AutoCAD MEP. This command specifies the required property set for the MEP parts.

The mapper is used to map AutoCAD MEP catalog elements to e-klimaX. The standard AutoCAD MEP elements in German content are already embedded in the provided mapping and mapped to the e-klimaX elements.

If you use your own catalogs, you can also map and export the components they contain to e-klimaX!


To provide information that a standard ventilation component in AutoCAD MEP does not contain for export, we work with property sets.

In the current version of our export, the property set is automatically imported into the current drawing and attached to the elements selected during export. However, only default values are then entered, of course. If you want to make your own settings, it is recommended to start the export once, select all elements and then cancel further export. The corresponding properties are then attached to the selected objects.

You can change the values of the properties by selecting a ventilation component and switching to ‘Advanced data’ in the properties palette in AutoCAD.

The required property set has the name CAD_DEV_MEP2eKLIMAX and must be assigned to the ventilation components you want to pass to eKlimax.

If you regularly work with eKlimax and use the export, it is recommended to include the property set in your drawing template. Then it is automatically present in new project drawings.

A drawing with an example system and the included property set can be found in the ‘Content’ subfolder of the installed module.

You can import this property set into your project drawing using the Style Manager. After that it can be assigned to the parts (properties palette->Extended data).

If no objects have been selected in the drawing beforehand, the export command now asks for the components. Only duct elements and ventilation fittings are selected, even if you select other drawing elements.

Alternativ dazu können Sie auch mit der Vorauswahl arbeiten. For example, use the AutoCAD MEP functionalities to select the connected moldings and then start the command. The selection transfers the pre-selected elements to the export.

This dialog lists components included in the selection that were not found in the mapping table. These elements are ignored and do not appear in the export result.

In addition, the dialog lists components that are annotated in the mapping file. You should check these components after importing them into eKlimax!

In the current versions, the export command additionally outputs messages for missing property sets. If these property sets are missing on exported parts, not all information can be provided to eKlimax. A description of how to assign property sets can be found here.

The current version of AutoCAD MEP usually creates 2 shortcuts on the desktop after installation. The version with global catalogs is not supported!

Start the shortcut with the name “AutoCAD MEP 20?? (D A CH)” or “AutoCAD MEP 20?? (D A CH)”. This has the desired catalogs loaded as the default setting.

We recommend AutoCAD MEP 20?? in the respective current version for creating the drawings. A new catalog for ventilation components was delivered with this version. The mapping delivered by ekkodale will only be extended based on this catalog!

Yes, in the current version (see download) the temporary loading of a user mapping file is built in.

The file must be located in the same directory as the program files. It can be created as a copy of the original file. You can download an example from the MEP Tools download area.

The file name must be CadDev.Cad.Mep.ManufacturerMapping.OWNAME.xml. Otherwise the file will not be found.

You can, after you have gone through the installation, call the command within AutoCAD MEP in the command line.

The command in AutoCAD MEP is:


You can also simply type ‘Cad’ and then use the TAB key to complete the command.

It is then started, like all AutoCAD commands, with the Enter key.

The export result will be opened and displayed in the editor. You can check the output or close the editor and read the export file into eKlimax.

When exporting the components, the individual component dimensions are compared with the dimensions required for eKlimax and converted accordingly.

This conversion is based on a mapping table that is delivered with the program functions.

In the delivered version, the export supports only the catalog parts contained in the mapping!

Yes, you can expand the mapping table. However, no liability can be assumed for own mappings.

The mapping takes place in the file CadDev.Cad.Mep.ManufacturerMapping.OWNERNAME.xml. A sample file is available in the installation directory. Instead of OWNAME, the file is User. It contains a short explanation at the beginning of the file and a commented out mapping for a component.

In general, custom mappings have a higher priority. This means, if you assign the same part of a catalog in your mapping file, your mapping will be used!

You can use the CadDev.Cad.Mep.Manufacturer.xml file as a reference. It contains all the molding assignments of our mappings.

In the lower area you will find the assignment of individual components from the MEP ventilation catalog to the corresponding eKlimax molded parts.

System requirements:

  • Software: AutoCAD MEP >= the supported version in german
  • Hardware: like associated AutoCAD MEP version
  • x64 Betriebssystem (Windows 10 bevorzugt). We no longer support Windows XP.


We support the current catalogs AutoCAD MEP with the provided mapping file. Include components that comply with VOB and are supported by the receiving system.

All parts defined in third party catalogs or created internally in your company will not be recognized by our mapping file and thus will not be exported.

However, you can create your own mapping files and include the components in them. We are happy to support you, can also create the mapping file for you as a fixed price.

Planaid - MEP Reloaded

The company PLANAID e.K. offers as an extension to AutoCAD MEP the package MEP Reloaded for a fee.

The ventilation catalogs included in the scope of delivery can be exported with a special mapping. You can get the mapping from the company PLANAID e.K..

Here you can find our current price list and other important information about the use cases of our solutions and tools

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