Frequently asked questions

These questions are frequently asked about our licensing system.

General questions

Our customer support will be happy to help you. Send us an email at or call us Monday – Friday between 9:00 am – 4:30 pm at +49 611 341 98 071.

Questions about the suites

The ekkodale suite is a toolbox with all ekkodale tools from Revit and AutoCAD, which you can activate and license individually! With one download you have access to all tools of ekkodale GmbH and you can test them for free.

New versions of ekkodale suites with exciting new features and improvements are released at certain intervals. You will be notified about it in Revit or AutoCAD. Then we recommend uninstalling the old version of ekkodale Suite and downloading the latest one from our website. Your licenses will of course remain intact and you will be able to use the new features.

Questions about license topics

The licensing system works on a per-computer basis. This means that one license is valid for one computer. At the beginning, you are allowed to request a free demo license, which is fully functional for 10 days. After that, you need to buy an official full license so that you can commercially use the work acquired from the tool.

If you want to order more than 2 licenses, you will get a discount from the 2nd license on.

You can work offline for 3 days. After this time, the computer must reconnect to the Internet and read the updated license file.

We have switched to a rental model since 01.06.2021, which requires an annual payment. If you do not need the software after that, you can cancel 10 months after the purchase or renewal of the license so that it does not renew automatically.

  • The demo license is fully functional and free of charge, limited to a term of 10 days. After that, the software under the demo license will automatically set its function. The use of the software is for testing and demonstration purposes and may not be used commercially. Also, results generated with the software may not be used commercially until a full license has been purchased.
  • An Educational Licenseis free of charge for research and teaching upon proof. The results may only be used for research and teaching, and not commercially. In order to use it, an Educational License Usage Agreement must be signed.
  • The use of a Not For Resale (NFR) license is reserved for our distribution partners. To use it, an agreement to use the NFR license must be signed. The software is for presentation purposes only for the distribution of the software and may not be used by the distributor for performance in commercial projects.
  • With a full licenseand the payment of the annual fee you get the right to use the software commercially for your own purposes.
  • In addition to the full license, the customer can license special additional functionalities in add-ons.
  • Free provision of services and functions that enable the use of the product
  • Access to current technology to ensure that the software can run smoothly in dialog with other systems
  • The continuous improvement and enhancements of the functions according to the product roadmap
  • Constant incorporation of changes through legislation and legal application into the software to ensure smooth handling
  • Continuous adaptation to technical conditions through updates and service packs, so that the functions of the software can be used permanently at the current level.
  • Our zero-risk promise: Before each contract renewal, you will be informed by ekkodale GmbH so that you can terminate your contract in time if necessary. To do this, be sure to check your email inbox that you used when you registered.

Of course. For all our modules and tools from Revit and AutoCAD you can request a free demo license, with which you can test the full range of functions for 10 days free of charge. From the installation of the tools, to testing, only a few minutes pass. If you are interested in further use of the license, we will be happy to send you an offer.

Yes, you can of course continue to use your license, but you will not have access to new features and improvements. The old versions are no longer actively supported. You must back up the respective installation files on your own responsibility. Computer replacement is now only supported for a fee. If you want to use new functionalities, you can upgrade to the rental version. There are attractive offers for existing customers for this.

Please contact us. We will assist you in moving the license.

After downloading the ekkodale suite, the user can install it and then run the authoring software. It detects the application and adds the functions. To request a license for the first time, the user must have an active Internet connection. From this moment on, the tool can always be used for 3 days without Internet before it needs an active Internet connection again.

If you have purchased your license from CAD-Development, ekkodale GmbH will continue to manage you as a customer. Of course, you can still access the full functionality of the tool. However, with the changeover to the new license model, the old licenses will no longer be extended by us and prepared and optimized for new versions of Revit and AutoCAD. If you would like to use this service, you can purchase a license under our current licensing system.

You can find attractive volume discounts for licenses on our website. If you have ready licenses, please contact us so that we can issue you a new offer.

Tools questions

If you have product-specific questions,

then please have a look at the respective info page of the tool.

If you do not find what you are looking for there, please contact us.

The ekkodale suite is a toolbox with all ekkodale tools from Revit and AutoCAD, which you can activate and license individually! With one download you have access to all tools of ekkodale GmbH and you can test them for free.

You want to use the latest functionalities? We have attractive offers for you. Just contact us.