Prefabricate piping and air ducts from the BIM model, export data to e-klimaX or SMARTCut, and assemble more easily.

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Determine VOB-compliant masses of piping and air ducts from the BIM model, calculate parameters based on formulas, and export data of your components for prefabrication.

A BIM model contains a lot of important information that becomes more and more concrete during the planning process. Our Prefab.Suite ensures VOB compliant quantities and masses, provides formula-based parameter values without having to know how to program. Not to forget the export possibilities for pipe networks and air ducts for prefabrication, e.g. to the software e-klimaX / win-klimaX or SMARTCut.


  • Automatische Massenermittlung von Rohrleitungen und Luftkanälen nach VOB
  • Calculation and updating of parameters by formulas (one-time configuration per project)
  • Create shot lengths, position components and insert transitions for channels
  • Export air duct networks for prefabrication in e-klimaX / win-klimaX
  • Export pipe networks for prefabrication and transfer to SMARTCut
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Determine VOB-compliant masses for piping and air ducts. Use this feature to automatically calculate VOB lengths and VOB areas for newly created or modified MEP parts in your Revit®-Modell.

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offers automatic calculation of parameters, based on formulas, incl. automatic update in case of component changes.
The configuration is created once and can be transferred to any projects.

Air duct prefabrication

Export the air duct components of your Revit®. BIM model to the e-klimaX / win-klimaX software, including the structural information such as room and level affiliation as well as system data. Update the status information from prefabrication or assembly in your model to visualize the progress.

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Pipe prefabrication

Export the pipe segment data for further use in prefabrication, e.g. to the software SMARTCut.
This minimizes waste and gets your BIM model to the job site.


The ekkodale Prefab.Suite supports you comprehensively in the secure provision of manufacturing information for piping and air duct components. This is completed by VOB-compliant quantity takeoff for building services and formula-based calculations for parameters in Revit®. without having to program. Position numbers for line sections and the generation of shot lengths round off the package.

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Customer Feedback:

Wir verwenden die Funktionalitäten der Prefab.Suite für verschiedene Projekte. Die Arbeitserleichterung beim Ermitteln von Massen für Rohrleitungen und Luftkanäle ist enorm.

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If you need support, we have made tutorials and introduction videos for all functions within ekkodale Prefab.Suite.

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