Prefab.Suite air duct and eKlimax functions:

Export and prefabricate air duct data to eKlimax / winKlima

We offer an export interface of air duct data from Revit models to the program eKlimax from MEZ GmbH for prefabrication. A transfer file of the duct network data is generated, which can be read into the ordering software eKlimax. This process allows you to have a digital and clean data transfer for your prefabrication, without manual steps and typos.

Our tool controls the transfer with so-called mappings. All moldings of an air duct network listed in a mapping file can be exported from the Revit® model. The delivered mapping file contains mappings of the components provided by Autodesk for the DACH market. You can create your own mappings for your own families and configurations. Thus, any component for which a mapping exists can be transferred to eKlimax.

If you need assistance with your custom mapping, we will be happy to assist you, based on current costs of custom services.

Mapping is a central component of our tool. Without a mapping, the parameters of a Revit family for a ventilation component cannot be passed to the corresponding parameters on the eKlimax page.

Map elements

The Part Mapper is used to map Revit elements to the eKlimax parameters. The default Revit families in DACH Content are already embedded in a provided mapping file. This mapping file is maintained by ekkodale.

Do you use your own families or libraries? Then there is the possibility in the mapper to configure them for the transfer as well! So you are able to transfer any Revit family to manufacturing, as long as there is a counterpart on the eKlimax side.

Mapping Helper

With the help of the Mapping Helper, you can display the instance and type parameters of a Revit element in order to use them in the mapper.

Append parameters

To enable a complete export, our tool provides advanced parameters. These required eClimax parameters are appended to the relevant elements when you start the command. These are interesting, for example, for the detailed definition of the flanges on a component, fitting length specifications and the like.


We have extended our tool to make it easier for you to transfer elements from Revit in a controlled manner. You can define jobs that include a saved selection of Revit elements. The job assignment is stored in the respective element. This gives you full control at all times over which components have been processed with an order. The information can be displayed graphically in part lists in Revit or views. Jobs must be defined to be able to export. Plan your prefabrication, and pre-produce your components order by order. With the Prefab Job function, you can group, manage and export construction elements along the construction process to support lean processes.

In our tool we provide different export options to eKlimax. All of them have in common that at least one PrefabJob has to be configured in the model in order to use it for an export. Only the parts that are contained in a mapping file are exported. The delivered mapping file contains the DIN 18379 / VOB compatible components of the Autodesk DACH Contents (MEP families). The mapping files for self-created families or third-party catalogs can be created.

eKlimax Exporter (RME as IMP)

The molded parts of a PrefabJob can be exported to IMP format. This represents the current standard format for an import into eKlimax.

The following commands are used from eKlimax version ?? supported:

The new IMPXML format will be available from eKlimax version ?? supported. In addition to the pure component data, the file also contains structural information. These include:

  • System information
  • Room assignment, if the model contains rooms
  • More detailed connection data

eKlimax Exporter (RME as IMPXML)

The Revit Design moldings of a PrefabJob can be exported to IMPXML format.

eKlimax Exporter (FAB to IMPXML)

The Revit Fabrication of a PrefabJob can be exported to IMPXML format.

eKlimax Importer (from IMPXML)

The results from the manufacturing / ordering software eKlimax + WinKlimax are imported and the status is updated. The information is stored per part of the import in the ALG_OrderState parameter.

If you need support, we have created tutorials and introductory videos for all ekkodale Prefab.Suite features.

Hereyou can find the Prefab.Suite playlist with all tutorials.

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