Prefab.Suite Calc:

Calc functions - Deposit specially created formulas in Revit

Calculate parameters – with a one-time configuration

The basic idea of the Calc function, our add-in for Revit, is the automatic calculation of numerical parameters. These parameter calculations are based on configurations that you can create individually. The configuration is created once and can be imported/exported to any projects. The calculation process takes place in the background while you edit your parts/elements. This ensures consistent meta-information at all times, even in central models.

If a designer changes an element in Revit, the formulas stored for this purpose are automatically executed and the relevant target parameter values of the element are updated. All labels etc. based on these parameters are updated immediately! This way, your model always remains consistent and the whole thing without any complex programming in Dynamo or external processes in Excel.

In the configuration window, you can create as many calculations as you want per Revit category. A formula can be defined per target parameter, which accesses existing numerical parameters. Configurations can also be disabled if you do not currently need them. When a configuration is enabled, the calculation process is executed in the background. The modeler does not need to do anything else for this. During the daily work, the tool monitors the changes in the model and performs the calculations automatically. Thus, your models always contain valid and consistent values.

The update command applies all configurations to the relevant elements in the model. This allows you to update existing models or apply new configurations to an existing model at the touch of a button. In case you do not want an automatic update during modeling, this command can be used to perform the calculation at the desired time.

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