Prefab.Suite functions for pipe prefabrication

We are constantly working on bringing the topic of prefabrication from the model to the construction site. The pipe prefabrication area focuses on the pipe components in the Revit model. Currently we support with our commands design pipelines. Fabrication components are in preparation.

Prefab.Suite functions for pipe prefabrication

Prefabricate piping from the BIM model and have it delivered to the job site. This function allows you to plan, manage and adapt the prefabrication of your pipes to the construction phase.

Prefab.Suite functions for pipe prefabrication

This feature allows you to cleanly export piping data – regardless of piping manufacturer – and generates a dimensionally accurate cut list for your shops. In conjunction with SMARTCUT from Müller Wüst AG, they even avoid unnecessary waste.

We have extended our tool to make it easier for you to transfer elements from Revit in a controlled manner. You can define jobs that include a saved selection of Revit elements. The job assignment is stored in the respective element. This gives you full control at all times over which components have been processed with an order. The information can be displayed graphically in part lists in Revit or views. Jobs must be defined to be able to export. Plan your prefabrication, and pre-produce your components order by order. With the Prefab Job function, you can group, manage and export construction elements along the construction process to support lean processes.

This command can be used to export a previously defined prefab job for prefabrication. The pipe components are measured with VOB overmeasurement. If your Revit content supports Z dimensions (Z1, Z2, Z3…), these are automatically subtracted from the VOB length. The finished dimension for prefabrication can be found in the “PrefabLength calculated in mm” column.

If your content is already equipped with the correct z dimensions for fittings, you can use the “Model gth in mm” column for further editing.

For further processing, we recommend the SMARTCut website of MüllerWüst AG in Switzerland. Here you can import the exported csv and further process the pipelines for waste optimization.

If you need support, we have created tutorials and introductory videos for all ekkodale Prefab.Suite features.

Hereyou can find the Prefab.Suite playlist with all tutorials.

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