Tutorial Revit Prefabrication Suite

Here you can find documentation, tutorials and introduction videos for the Revit Prefabrication Suite

Functions for prefabrication of pipes in Revit

Prefabrication for piping is a growing area of the construction industry with a lot of potential. If you need prefabrication functions for pipes and ducts for Autodesk Revit, ekkodale Prefab.Suite is exactly what you need!

Export of air duct information from Revit to e-Klimax V.6

You have planned your entire project in Autodesk Revit and now want to order your components with the help of e-klimaX®? Without our ekkodale.Suite a very exhausting and difficult task. With our tool you can quickly import your projects to e-klimaX® with a few clicks.

Mapping of components according to eklimaX

You want to transfer your own components into e-klimaX® using the Revit Prefab.Suite? Tim Hoffeller shows you how to create your own mappings to export your own parts.

If you are interested, you can also find detailed documentationon all Revit Prafabrication Suite components and commands here.

Prefab Illustration