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The main idea of the add-in is to introduce breakthroughs that require an opening on a structural element such as a floor, ceiling or wall. Openings are 3-dimensional bodies, which are the required opening for building services flow segments. They are placeholders for the structural elements until they are converted into real breakthroughs by a structural engineer or architect.

PfV process

The detailed PfV process between responsible parties is the guide that facilitates coordination and minimizes effort.



The ProvisionForVoid Manager from ekkodale is equipped with a wide range of commands. These can be easily executed and applied to your Revit project. Everything you need for safe planning of breakthroughs is provided by this tool!

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PfV wall/floor/ceiling break-through

Creates slave breakthroughs on selected walls in the MEP project, such as in a ventilation, heating or plumbing plan. Each designer creates as a proposal the breakthroughs, which are approved or not by the responsible person.
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Slot breakthroughs

PfV wall/floor/ceiling slot

Creates slot openings on selected walls, floors or ceilings in the MEP project so that an element is partially placed on the structural wall, floor or ceilings. Each designer creates the slots as a proposal that may or may not be approved by the responsible person.
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Master breakthroughs

PfV wall/floor/ceiling master

Creates master breakthrough by selecting multiple breakthroughs. The adjacent breakthrough proposals are merged by responsible persons. If there is no other breakthrough, a single breakthrough can be chosen to set the master breakthrough.
RVT Durchbruch Aufsatz

Architecture section

Cutout Architekt

Places the face-based custom breakthrough family on the architectural model according to the master breakthrough suggestions.
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PfV settings

Sets the breakthrough placement configurations. These configurations include offset, level, input element types as well as wall, floor/ceiling, slot and parameter specific configurations giving the user the freedom to select any penetration family of their choice and also offsets for the penetrations to be used in placements.

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