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PfV-Manager - Cutout Planning

PfV-Manager - Cutout Planning

In this video we will show you how to create cutouts for walls based on MEP elements in a Revit BIM model.

PfV-Manager - Cutout Planning

For MEP elements (e.g., pipes, ducts, or equipment) that pass through floors or ceilings in a Revit BIM project, how do you insert a cutout? You will find the answer in this video!

PfV-Manager - Slot Plannning

PfVManager floor/ceiling slot placement

How do I place floor and ceiling slots in the Revit BIM model? Floors and ceilings may contain MEP elements that pass only partially through them. For this case, slots can be used as placeholders, instead of a full cutout. In this video you will see how to create slots on floors and ceilings in your projects.

PfVManager wall slot placement

How can I create wall slots in my Revit BIM model? The MEP elements that only partially pass through the walls require wall slots instead of a full cutout. Here we show how this can be implemented in your projects!

PfV Manager - Master Planning

PfVManager Master Wall Placement

Individual breakthroughs placed on the walls can be automatically inserted into a master breakthrough! This video shows you how to implement this.

PfVManager master floor/ceiling placement

I would like to place a master cutout to selected individual penetrations on floors and ceilings, but how? You will get the answer in this video.

PfV Manager - Settings

Keep control over the generated breakthrough proposals in the BIM model! We will show you how to set the offsets, layers and input element types. Cutout or slot families can be individualized and your personally created parameters can be used in your PfV settings for breakthrough or slot dimensions This video will guide you through these settings and show you how to configure PfV placement!


What can a complete cutout planning process look like? If you are interested, we have recorded this as a picture. Select the graphic to take a closer look.