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Agile and lean

We rely on agile project management in software development for maximum adaptability. Thanks to our Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD) strategy, we dynamically automate and monitor the entire application life cycle.

Our philosophy


We digitize sensibly so that our customers become even better. For us, this includes constantly reflecting on our results and working methods.


Even a small change can make a big difference. Line by line, we are working to ensure that the opportunities of the future become reality today.


We strive for solutions that are sustainable in the long term. We also want our work to help protect the environment.

Down-to-earth attitude

We like to get things done and are not bureaucrats. We are doers, want to get things moving and reach our goal without detours.

New technologies, big data, AI & co

New technologies such as big data and AI create innovative products and offer your company a wide range of opportunities. We work with you to develop specific use cases, optimize processes and open up new market opportunities.

Open Source

We rely on the tried and tested maxim: "Don't reinvent the wheel." Before developing new software, we thoroughly research existing innovative tools. Our focus is on integrating proven systems into existing processes.

Cloud or on-premise

Cloud or own server? We select the optimum solution depending on the project and customer requirements. Maximum data security with internal data storage or collaborative working with a securely encrypted cloud service - we adapt to your requirements.

Our development stack

From frontend to backend, BIM applications, VR, AR, Web3D to mobile apps - our expertise covers a broad spectrum. Using technologies such as React, TypeScript, Rest, GraphQL, Three.js, Unity, .NET (Core), Docker and Kubernetes, we implement tailor-made solutions, including data persistence with common systems.