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Your processes

Throughout the life cycle of a building, decisions must be made incessantly: Space allocation, fire protection, circulation, enclosure, environmental control, security and thousands more. They always come at the end of long information paths and process chains that must be managed across departments, teams, as well as external project partners.  

The latter becomes more and more difficult with the increasing number of participants and more complex relationships among them. In view of limited resources, it then makes sense to standardize processes and develop standards. Digitization and the possibilities offered by real-time data also allow processes to be more closely interlinked. There is also potential for automating processes and decisions - either in whole or in part - under predefined conditions.

The process experts

Once the fundamental questions have been clarified, the next step is to find the right interplay between employees, digital tools and processes. Once the digital process is woven into the corporate culture, routine tasks and decisions that employees previously had to take care of can be automated on a rule-based basis. This not only results in efficiency gains. Processes become more secure, reproducible and verifiable. This helps employees to focus on the individual customer solution and the really important decisions without losing sight of the project progress.  

We help you formulate rules for digital processes and automate routine tasks. Together, we develop procedures for you that facilitate your daily work and collaboration with other teams.